Case Study 130: Gas Recovery System
Industry Sector: Environmental
Gas Recovery System


Allen Bradley SLC 500
Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500
Allen Bradley PanelView Plus
Rockwell RSView32 SCADA

Staneco Corporation designed a control system that purified contaminated ground water. The system consisted of three wells. Water was pumped from two of the wells.  Flow from the wells was monitored.  The flow rate could be regulated either by fixed flow rate or by monitoring the level of the wells and adjusting the flow to keep the level of the wells at a fixed setpoint. The operator selected the desired method of control. A chemical was added to the water and it was pumped back into a third well. The flow rate of the chemical was paced to the flow rate of the water.  Data was collected which included well levels, water flow, and chemical flow. The data was stored in Excel format.