Case Study 127: Platinum Recovery
Industry Sector: Testing & Sampling
Platinum Recovery System


AB SLC 500
AB Panelview Plus

Staneco Corporation designed a control system to process discarded catalytic converters to collect the Platinum for resale. The installation provided the user with the ability to automatically start the line in production mode, controlling the delivery of the pre-crushed material to the Hammer Mill to optimize the loading of the unit. In addition, complex calculations were incorporated in the control system to perform lot size and sample size requirements for a given order. The system then monitored the weight of the accumulated lot and automatically shut the system down when calculated weight was reached. Other functionality included was:

  1. Maintenance alarms for individual system components based on hours of operation and the amount of processed material processed.
  2. Real time and historical trending for key variables of the process.

A second process train was added to the original system to allow the user to optimize system utilization and limit the downtime to a minimum. This addition incorporated hardware and control strategies to provide the ability to process two lots of material at the same time, thus maximizing the throughput of the system.

Enabled the customer to maximize the production capabilities of the installation and provide the ability to effectively schedule operating personnel to limit operations dead time.