Case Study 112: Automated Testing
Industry Sector: Testing & Sampling
Hardness Testing Machine


AB SLC 500
AB PanelView Plus

Staneco Corporation designed an automatic machine that tested the hardness of railroad wheels. The wheels were of different sizes and with different model numbers. The information about the wheels was received from a DCS system. The DCS provided data on wheel diameter, model number, serial number, along with the minimum and maximum allowable hardness ranges. When the wheel arrived at the testing machine, the machine head was lowered into position. A mill was used to clean the surface of the wheel to be measured. The hardness head was then engaged. When the hardness was determined, the value was sent to the PLC serial port as ASCII characters. The ASCII characters were evaluated to determine the hardness number. If the value was in range, the part was passed and sent out. If the hardness failed, the wheel was retested a second time. If the wheel still didn’t pass, it was marked with paint and sent out as a reject.

By adding this system to their production line, the end user was able to guarantee product quality and maximize profitability.