Case Study 102: Stack Emission Control
Industry Sector: Burner Management
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers


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Staneco designed controls for two thermal oxidizers used at a corn-to-ethanol plant to remove organic chemicals from discharged air. The oxidizers consisted of multiple gas burners which heated combustion chambers containing ceramic pellets. When the process gas is passed through the pellets, the organic chemicals are oxidized, neutralizing them. In order to prevent overheating of the ceramic pellets, a series of dampers were switched based on either time or chamber temperature. As the chambers were switched, some gas escaped unprocessed. To remove these gases, a purge operation was included to re-circulate the untreated gasses. The motors were controlled over Devicenet which included two VFDs. Temperatures and operation of the valves are monitored and alarmed. Data was made available to the plant DCS system.

System met and exceeded the required emission acceptable limits. The process also helped minimize fuel consumption.

Burner Management: Stack Emission Control