PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)        
SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)
Network Configuration
Structured Languages
Process Control
HMI (Human-Machine Interface)

In the span of Staneco Corporation’s 48 years of operation we have designed and built systems to meet automation standards and specifications from around the world. It is vital to understand the specialized vocabulary of the particular industry segment you serve.

Our years of working with clients in a myriad of industries have caused our employees to be fluent in IEC-1131-3 programming languages such as ladder, structured text, function block and others from various PLC manufactures. We have also done projects in C, Visual Basic, and other compiled PC programming languages.

To take full advantage of process and machine automation, networking is a critical aspect.  We have designed optimized networks utilizing every protocol in the Allen-Bradley suite plus those utilized by other manufacturers including Modbus and Profibus.

If reliability and lost production are your concerns, we have implemented systems featuring redundancy including processor, power supply and network redundancy.

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