Case Study 121: Ovens / Dryers
Industry Sector: Burner Management
Ceramic Sintering Furnace


Allen Bradley CompactLogix
Rockwell RSView 32 SCADA System

Staneco Corporation designed a sintering oven to produce special purpose ceramics. The process was temperature and time dependent. There were numerous recipes for the different ceramic products produced. The temperature of the furnace was ramped up over a predetermined time to a selected temperature. At various temperatures different gasses were introduced into the process. The flow rate had to be controlled. When the maximum temperature was reached, it was held for a selected time. The temperature was then ramped down once again controlling the gas flows. Since one of the gasses was hydrogen, special interlocking and monitoring had to be used to prevent dangerous situations. The gas flows and temperature over time were logged and put into an Excel file for record keeping and examination. The cycle typically lasted from 12 to 16 hours.

Client praised the flexibility of the new system and its enhanced data collection abilities resulting in improved quality control.