Case Study 113: Material Handling
Industry Sector: Conveying
Material Handling System


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Staneco Corporation designed a system to deliver 400 to 1600 pound rolls of paper to printing presses using an in-floor chain conveyor. The system consisted of carts holding rolls of newspapers that traveled through the press room until a press operator needed a roll of paper; at which time the operator pressed a button diverting the new roll to the press. At the press the roll was removed, the empty cart detected and sent back to an area where it could be refilled. Filled carts were automatically merged back onto the main line. Special carts were used to remove waste such as the roll covering and empty spools. Full waste carts were diverted to the waste area, emptied, and automatically merged back to the main line. The critical functions included controlling the cart stops at the merge area and implementing a shutdown if a collision was about to occur at the merge point.

The implementation of the system reduced cart collisions thereby increasing operational safety and allowing quicker reloading of the presses.