Case Study 107: Pneumatic
Industry Sector: Conveying
Pneumatic Conveying Systems


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Staneco Corporation designed controls for multiple Baghouse systems and Activated Carbon Injection Systems used at a coal fired power plant. The Activated Carbon Injection system involved pneumatically injecting powdered active carbon from a storage silo into the flue gas ductwork of a coal-fired power plant. This powdered active carbon absorbed containments resulting in reduced emissions. Both pressurized and vacuum conveying was implemented. Blower motors were started automatically as part of the automatic cycle. The speed of the feeders and rotary airlocks was changed by VFDs to allow for different feed rates. During operation many signals were monitored including system pressures, flows, and silo levels. Other alarm conditions were monitored and control interlocks were included allowing the system to operate safely.

Systems provided an effective and cost-efficient way to reduce emissions from the coal fired boilers. The use of control interlocks and alarm monitoring kept the systems operating safely and increased the equipment′s performance.

Conveying: Pneumatic