Case Study 101: Servo
Industry Sector: Machine Control
Fiberglass Fiberization


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Rockwell RSView 32 SCADA System

Staneco Corporation designed a fiberglass insulation machine which operated faster and more efficiently than the old equipment. Four fiberizer units deposited fiberglass on a moving conveyor. Any three could be used or all four depending on the type of insulation being made. The fiberizers were pivoted and deposited the fiberglass in a sine wave pattern. The pivot speed and conveyor speed were all adjustable depending on the product and stored recipes. To make uniform fiberglass, the pattern on the conveyor had to be adjusted. The phase angle of each pivoting fiberizer had to be calculated (frequency of pivot and conveyor speed both affect the phase angle). The information was used to control servo motors which controlled the motion of the pivot.

The key to successful resolution of this process problem was deciphering the complex relationship between belt speed and controlling the deposition sine wave of the fiberizer. The result was improved consistency, quality of product, and higher production rates.